Investment Philosophy


Our strategic approach to market analysis is rooted in a forward-looking perspective, emphasizing the substantive rewards inherent in anticipating future market dynamics over an excessive fixation on prevailing circumstances. This methodology is underpinned by the use of proprietary technology and experiential insights, enabling a nuanced assessment of market valuations, and discerning instances of overvaluation or undervaluation. A distinctive facet of our methodology involves a concentrated scrutiny of key stakeholders driving technological innovation, an adaptation of Bill Gross' (Idealab) methodology to the nuances of the current startup ecosystem.

In contradistinction to the challenges faced by traditional investors, characterized by erratic precision in predictions, our emphasis on early-stage technology market timing is underscored by a consistent track record.

While acknowledging the role of asset class allocation in an investment strategy's success, empirical evidence and our experiential insights consistently affirm that decisions rooted in market timing constitute a predominant driver of total return. Furthermore, our commitment to transparency is manifested in our proactive data-sharing ethos, wherein we continually broaden our network of venture studios and collaborate with seasoned founders, facilitating data exchange. This collaborative ecosystem enhances our capacity for informed decision-making in the dynamic landscape of early-stage technology investments.

high-rise building
high-rise building

Board of Directors


José Batalla III

Chair of the Board

Alexander Davydov


Tania Batalla

Vice Chair

Philip Desbois


red flowers on brown brick wall
red flowers on brown brick wall

Our History

The Batalla Family's lineage traces back to 1933, when José Guillermo Batalla, a multifaceted entrepreneur politician, and poet, established the "Oficina de la Familia Batalla." Leveraging his acumen, he strategically acquired a substantial tract of land within what would eventually become Panama's Financial District. Collaborating with various construction entities, he orchestrated the district's development.

Upon Jose's demise in 1962, the control of the company passed to his daughter, Graciela Batalla, who assumed the role of CEO. During the 1980s and 1990s, she spearheaded the expansion of the company's real estate holdings, and the organization expanded into other areas. However, her demise ushered in a prolonged hiatus for the company.

The office was reopened in 2012, propelled by the initiative of José Guillermo Batalla III, the grandson of the company's founder. In a strategic departure from convention, José divested more than a quarter of the company's real estate assets, pioneering the creation of a crypto portfolio.

Batalla Family has become a pioneering family office, with a diversified portfolio of startups and properties around the world.