How to make a successful video pitch.

You only have a three minutes to capture our attention and convince us that your startup is a winner. How can you make sure that your video is up to the task?

Captivating Opening: The first 10 seconds of your video are the most important. This is when you need to capture our attention. One way of achieving this is by telling us Why are you the next DeFi Unicorn? (it's easy to by bold, the challenge is doing it in 10 seconds or less).

The next step is answering the three questions:

  • Why are you and your founders the best people in the world to solve this problem?

  • How long have you been part of the Blockchain Industry, and how well do you understand it?

  • Why is this the right time for your solution?

Proof: Your video should include a great story. And some proof. Give examples of what you’ve achieved or are hoping to achieve using testimonials, photos, and videos.

Speaking to your audience: Do not just include blocks of information about your startup. Speak directly to your audience and be captivating.

Excellent audio and visuals: Make sure that your video looks and sounds great. This means planning out your shots, and editing your video to ensure that it is sharp and professional. Please do not include any music.

Tone: When creating your video, pay attention to your tone. Be both confident and humble. Ask yourself, which tone would I use when marketing my brand to my everyday target audience? Once you have the answer, use that tone when making your pitch video

We only accept youtube video links (public or unlisted).